Language, The Pottery Workshop, HK

Artist Statement

We communicate through language. A person’s comments on a particular issue reflect his beliefs. Sometimes he may be speaking the truth, but at other times he might not be. So the truth can be hard to discern. We can only piece together a full picture through constant guess-work, re-evaluation and confirmation.

The SAR Government uses the mass media to introduce new policies and make clear her position. On some occasions, officials might blurt out inappropriate remarks from their preconscious and stir up a storm. In reality what they said is a reflection of their personal attitudes and values. The media would not pass these opportunities up for exaggeration and sensationalism. The result is we citizens are frequently forced to be imprinted with these “collective memories”.

Through the years after the handover, imprints have been piling up. While some of them had faded away, some still evoke strong feelings. If these imprints were carefully carved onto stones and put under the spot light, what effect would they make on the audience? Would they still cause outrage? Or would they be considered as trivial and ridiculous? Or would former President Jiang Zemin’s saying, “Too simple, sometimes naïve” conclude all?