Go Bananas

Art-n-Connectors, Visual Art Centre, HK

Go Bananas, a feel and touch game
Mixed Media
Dimension varies

Artist Statement

Form and surface are important in sculpture. Traditional media for sculpture such as wood, bronze, marble, clay and fiber glass present the solidity of form.  The surface, no matter textured or smooth, presenting the hardness or softness of form is always hard when touched.  The void inside the form carries no presence but projections from beholders.   It means that the physical appearance of the surface hinders the revelation of the interior. Therefore, can the interior be tangible?

Banana, a natural and familiar object carries broad and playful underneath meanings. Moreover, its architectural significance in form is appealing. Thus, the title, Go Bananas which means going crazy or silly, is used to denote a feel and touch game of a daily object with weird and tangible interior. Through touch, the brain and hands are associated. The attention, noticing and the problem solving leads to the primitive contentment of human being.